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Vonlanthen Group  offers business facilitation platforms for clients who want to develop in emerging markets and Europe. We con – duct exhaustive research, match buyers and sellers and then produce high-profile events, all with a strategic focus on facilitating deals – all in the right place and at the right time.

We work in the key sectors, leveraging our expertise to create deal flow, foster networking and train leaders. Vonlanthen Group has the capacity to help you enter new markets, raise capital, secure partners and close sales. Vonlanthen Group produces, promotes and hosts ‘deal flow’ platforms in the liquid growth markets.

Directors, VPs, Managers and Heads of:2015-C-CLASS-C63-AMG-SEDAN-010-MCFO
▸▸R&D Controlling
▸▸R&D Cooperation
▸▸R&D Technology Innovation
▸▸New Technology
▸▸Automotive design
▸▸Automotive Architecture
▸▸Research Centre
▸▸Research Leaders – Research Associates
▸▸Component Supplier; Consultant
▸▸Automotive Design/Architecture
▸▸Chassis manufacturers
▸▸Powertrain Manufacturers
▸▸Advanced Suspension Manufacturers
▸▸Material Supplier
▸▸shock absorbers
▸▸Motor Vehicle Parts
▸▸Manufacturing Suspension Systems
▸▸Supplier Suspension Systems

► The event provides a unique platform for business knowledge sharing on latest market development trends, cost-effective materials and process technologies, global standards, innovation challenges & expectations, future trends & technological developments as well as successful practice of suspension systems.

New Topics – The highest technologic companies, the smartest e-tailers, and the most successful brands all squeezed at #WAS’16

 13 Keynote Speakers – The new top Suspension Systems speakers from the four corners of the World.

Limited tickets – Because we are choosing the best of the best thinkers, we just want to have the best attendees we decide to have an exclusive accessing tickets of 200.



Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

▸▸ Insights on best-practices and latest innovative technologies on advanced suspension systems
▸▸Innovations in Materials for lightweight Suspension systems
▸▸New advance suspension system architectures
▸▸Reduction of cost without losing performance
▸▸Functionality of advance suspension system in reduction of automotive CO2 emissions
▸▸Role of Sensor technologies and autonomous driving in the development of Advanced Suspension Systems



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