Tenneco Supplies Semi-Active Suspension Technology on New Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Sports Coupe

Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) announced that Infiniti is launching Tenneco’s continuously variable semi-active suspension (CVSAe) technology on its 2016 Q50 sedan and all-new Q60 coupe as part of the vehicle’s Dynamic Digital Suspension system (DSS). The Infiniti DSS system gives drivers the option of adjusting the feel and handling of their ride by selecting comfort, sport or sport plus driving modes.

CVSAe, part of the Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio, adjusts to changing road conditions in real time. It continuously senses the road and driving conditions and adjusts the suspension within milliseconds, offering enhanced ride comfort with outstanding dynamic response.

“We are delighted to add Infiniti, a global premium brand, to our growing list of customers who want to partner with Tenneco to differentiate their ride performance with advanced electronic suspension systems,” said Enrique Orta, Tenneco senior vice president, Ride Performance. “Our Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio continues to gain traction with the world’s vehicle manufacturers with a full range of electronic technology options.”

Infiniti is the first Japanese luxury brand to choose CVSAe dampers. CVSAe for the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 are being produced at Tenneco’s manufacturing facility in Ermua, Spain. The vehicles are being assembled at Nissan’s Tochigi manufacturing plant in Japan.KineticSuspensionSystems

About Monroe® Intelligent Suspension

CVSAe is part of the Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio, which includes adaptive suspension solutions (Dual Mode) for compact cars and semi-active solutions with external valve (CVSAe), internal valve (CVSAi) and two independent valves (CVSA2) for mid-range and higher-end cars. The portfolio also includes CVSA2/Kinetic® and ACOCAR® active suspension solutions for premium luxury cars, high-end sports cars and SUVs with off-road capability

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