Surinder Matharu

Interiors Systems CAE Team Leader @ Jaguar Land Rover

Surinder Matharu has over twenty five years of experience in Analytical Engineering specifically in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). He has worked for a wide range of companies, including Defence for vibration and dynamic testing, Nuclear Power Stations for seismic analysis, Aerospace for component qualification by endurance vibration testing
and Automotive engineering in the field of vibration, durability and crash analysis. More recently, Surinder has worked for Ford Motor Company, both in United Kingdom and Colon, Germany as a CAE crash analyst. For the last five years Surinder has been working for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as a CAE consultant for Interiors Trims with plastic composites. As a consultant to JLR, Surinder is responsible for CAE simulations to assess plastic trim components using advance CAE analysis techniques to provide early feedback to design engineers in order to ensure the final trim components are optimised for durability, strength, high quality performance with minimum weight. At JLR, Surinder is also involved in several methodology development projects, such as prediction of creasing in foam bases components, similar to vehicle headliners.