Luca Stronati

Powertrain Controls & Application Principal Engineer @ McLaren Automotive

Luca Stronati got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universit√° Politecnica delle Marche and subsequently he attended the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in Finite Element Method, Vibration Modal Analysis and Numerical Heat Transfer from Politecnico di Torino, attending also a double degree program with University of Illinois at Chicago (TOPUIC), developing a Master Thesis focused on Multibody Dynamics, during a Research period in UIC at Chicago with the research group of Prof. Ahmed A. Shabana. Luca worked 3 years in Ferrari Granturismo, in the Emissions and Efficiency Application department, being Emissions and Efficiency Project Lead for the projects Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 and LaFerrari (Naturally Aspirated GDI Engine / Hybrid Electric Vehicle). Subsequently Luca continued his work experience in McLaren Automotive since 2013, where he became Powertrain Controls and Application Principal Engineer, responsible for Emissions, Efficiency and Hybrid Torque Coordination, working on McLaren P1 (Turbo PFI engine / Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), 650S, 675LT, 570S and all the future projects, concerning Sport, Super and Ultimate Series, which will be relevant for the Track 22 program, defined by McLaren Automotive in order to develop in the next years. During his work experience Luca developed and patented an innovative fuel injection system application for lowering Emissions: the Heated Fuel Rail, consisting in electrically heating the fuel, before being injected, in order to favor its vaporization during cold and warm-up engine condition, lowering Emissions.