Karim Yahia

ADAS & Autonomous vehicle Regulations @ PSA Group

Karim Yahia graduated from Arts et Métiers Engineering High School in France.  In the first part of his carrier, worked in the field of Automotive Passive Safety development. First with Autoliv Company, with development of airbag and ECU for overseas projects (India, Malaysia, Australia,…),  and then  with PSA as a team leader  managing  the technical policy and the architecture of airbag and seat belt for all new project. Main realization: development of passenger airbag in the roof  for Citroen C4 Cactus and development of airbag and seat belt for Peugeot 308, Car of the year 2014. Since 2010, he made his carrier evolve from Passive to Active Safety.  Currently Karim Yahia is a Specialist in ADAS and Autonomous vehicle Regulations for PSA Group. He participates as an OICA member (International Organization of Car manufacturers) to United Nation Working groups for ADAS System.