Johannes Gießibl

Senior Magnetoelastic Project Manager, Europe @ Methode Electronics

Johannes Giessibl is Senior Magnetoelastic Project Manager at Methode Electronics International since September 2012 and located in the greater Munich area in Germany. He has 12 years of experience in engine and gearbox sensor development including extensive testing with different OEMs. He is responsible for an engineering team with more than 10 engineers which are coming from multiple disciplines like physics, electronics and mechanical engineering. In the recent years he was in charge of launching the first high volume direct measurement torque sensors in automotive and industrial applications. He has an Industrial Engineering degree from FH Rosenheim and was always starting in sales positions but ended up being responsible for engineering and R&D of the magnetoelastic sensor technology. In the past he was the leading developer in Formula ONE on KERS torque sensors, Gearbox torque sensors, Driveshaft Torque sensors and Wheel Gun torque sensing from 2006 till 2012 before he joined Methode Electronics.