Harvey Weinberg

Automotive Division Technologist @ Analog Devices

Harvey Weinberg is the division technologist for the Analog Devices automotive business unit. Over the past several years he has been working on long time horizon technology identification as it pertains to the automotive industry. Lately, this has been principally LIDAR. Prior roles at ADI have been system application engineering manager for the automotive business unit and before that leader of the applications engineering group for MEMS inertial sensors. He has 8 US patents in technologies varying from ultrasonic airflow measurement, to inertial sensor applications, to LIDAR systems, with 4 other patents pending. He has been at Analog Devices for 20 years. Before Analog Devices he worked for 12 years as a circuit and systems designer specialising in process control instrumentation. He holds a bachelor of electrical engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.