Gino Costa

Former Managing Director @ Renault Trucks UK

Gino Costa has been immersed in the commercial vehicle industry since 1979, covering trucks, vans and buses, for two different leading European vehicle manufacturers. Gino has driven commercial growth in different countries and business environments, from the China of the 80s to the current UK and Irish markets, with extensive experience in Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Italy. Since 2015, he is an independent consultant for international growth and strategic guidance. The key factors to his success are centered around identifying the needs and expectations of customers in different environments, then positioning the Brand and delivering the most relevant and differentiating products and services offers. Convinced that Brand image derives mainly from the product’s whole-life support, Gino focuses on the extended range of quality services, from preventive maintenance to contract hire, through remote diagnostics and performance monitoring. He has led large cross-functional teams and retail networks in different countries, developing individual skills and building on diversity to effectively steer the changes necessary to meet both business growth and customer expectations.