Diederik van Dijk

OBD Competence Cluster Leader @ Brace Automotive

Diederik received his Bachelor degree in Automotive Engineering from the HAN University of Applied Science in Arnhem, the Netherlands. He started at BRACE Automotive as Student worker and also made his Thesis at BRACE Automotive with the Title: OBD Data analysis and failure introduction to a Passenger Car Diesel Emissions System”. This Thesis was supported by BRACE and the HAN University. After his Thesis he joined directly BRACE and since then he works for various Projects in the OBD competence cluster. Customers are ECU, Sensor and Actuator suppliers and OEM’s. With the Topic of OBD Comprehensive Components Monitoring for the EU, US and Indian Market. For them he is preparing also OBD development and calibration procedures and guidelines diagnostics development.