Riccardo Ficca

MegaRide & Vehicle Dynamics Lead CCAR - Research and Technology @ Jaguar Land Rover

Riccardo Ficca is Ride & Vehicle Dynamics Perception Lead within Research & Technology at JLR. He received a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering “Politecnico di Milano” in 2001 in order to follow his dream and become a Motorsport Engineer. He co-designed the “FB-01” F.Junior for Fabio Francia who has been awarded of “1st Rooky Driver”. He then stepped into professional Motorsport with ADM Motorsport, Euro3000, where he learned the skills of driver’s Performance Analysis & Coaching, particularly useful when he then moved to F.Renault 2000, entry-level Series for younger drivers such as Pastor Maldonado, Davide Valsecchi. His Motorsport career culminated in GP2Series where he has been working on broader variety of vehicle’s aspects: vehicle instrumentation, Aero characterisation and development, Car’s Performance Simulation & Analysis, Suspension Analysis, Control Systems calibration, Carbon-carbon brakes, Race Strategy Analysis. He then took the opportunity of joining JLR Research in 2011 where he leads Ride and Vehicle Dynamics Perception. He currently resides in Leamington Spa (UK) with his wife Marisa and their kids Leonardo and Lorenzo. He can be contacted at rficca(at)jaguarlandrover(dot)com.