Claire d’ ACHON

Industrial Designer Manager Bus Product Ranges @ CNH Industrial

Claire d’Achon is a French Industrial Designer, born on the 2nd of September 1983 in Tarbes (South Ouest France). She graduated in Industrial Design at the Design School of Nantes Atlantique in 2009. Her passion for equestrian and automotive world have had a clear influence on her work. She observed horses, cars in movement or static, and understood that expression is important to get emotions. Very young, she already wanted to participate in creating wonderful things. Nature changes during the seasons and the light or dark have a major role on how her designs appears to a stranger’s eye. Her only limit is her imagination. Of course for someone who loves beauty as much as necessities, she finds the best compromise between technics, constraints and style, without forgetting trends. Including the most sensitive and complex challenge, human factor. She fits, with enthusiasm, in the Industrial Design World as a manager passionate by transportation. Swayed by the following sentence:”from the function ensues the shape”.