Cedric Rouaud

Chief Engineer, Engines Product Group @ Ricardo

Cedric began his professional career in 2000 at Groupe Renault as a research engineer, while fulfilling his doctorate diploma in the University of Poitiers. Overall, he has spent 8 years in Groupe Renault obtaining positions of research engineer and project leader.
In 2008, he joined Ricardo as a principal engineer responsible for fluid, dynamics and simulation, thermal management and waste heat recovery systems. Since 2011, is the chief engineer, engines product group in Ricardo.
During his career, he has managed and developed many projects among which include: development of technologies for reducing CO2 emissions on gasoline and diesel engines; thermal management of hybrid electric vehicles; development of exhaust heat recovery systems for passenger cars, HDD, railway; thermo-hydraulic simulations; thermal management of twin-turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines – simulations and tests; powertrain and vehicle tests.