Ashutosh Tomar

Principal Engineer (Research) Smart Surfaces, Structural & Flexible Electronics Emerging & Enabling Technologies JLR Research & Technology @ Jaguar Land Rover

Ashutosh Tomar has been working with various industries in research and development since 1999. His experience varies from telecommunications to defence systems to internet security to automotive electronics. As a keen researcher and inventor for last eight years he has been part of a JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) research team working as Principal Researcher in electrical research. He has been through and working on various aspects of future cars like connected infotainment, Social infotainment, flat loudspeakers, light weight electronics and using consumer’s device to augment car functions. His current area of work within research is looking at low-power and low-weight electronic systems and looking at the merits of consumer grade technologies in the car. He is a Chartered Engineer, a mentor and holds a Masters degree in communications and Real-Time electronics systems. He is also a member of various engineering societies like ComSoc, AES, IET, IEEE etc.