Andreas Hartwig

Head of Department Adhesives and Polymer Chemistry @ Fraunhofer IFAM

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartwig studied Chemistry at Cologne University, where he made his diploma thesis and doctoral thesis on reactive polymers for the development of separation membranes. After that, he stayed at Twente Universiteit, The Netherlands for a postdoctoral position. He joined Fraunhofer-IFAM in 1992, as a scientist where is working since then as founder and head of the department “Adhesives and Polymer Chemistry” 1998. He is deputy director of Fraunhofer Institute for Manu- facturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) since 2007 and he was also the acting director in 2009-2010. Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartwig is a professor for Macromolecular Chemistry as well, at University of Bre- men, since 2012. His research interests are adhesive bonding, adhe- sives chemistry, adhesion science, fiber reinforced plastics, thermoset- ting polymers, supramolecular concepts, nanocomposites and biomimetic materials. The focus is on industry related developments in these fields.