Alexander Alonso

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer @ KYB Europe

Alexander Alonso is a Vehicle Dynamics Engineer in KYB Europe Headquarters. He has been working professionally in the company since 2012. In 2008 he earned the BEng Electronics Engineering degree and in 2012 MEng Industrial Engineering degree. One year before leave the university he started a racing engineering training in “Astra Racing Team”. Afterwards,
he joined to the Italian team following 3 years as data logging analyst, winning the “Spanish Endurance Championship” in 2012. At the same time he worked during 3 years performing standard suspension shock absorber tuning activities all around the world for the most prestigious motor vehicle manufacturers. And he changed to develop KYB semi-active suspension system in 2014. Nowadays is the “IDC Variable damping calibration responsible” and he works in close contact with vehicle manufacturers, improving and adapting the control strategy to customer requirements.