Albrecht Irion

Director, Chassis Systems Control -- Driver Assistance Engineering Software & System Ultrasonic @ Robert Bosch

Dr. Albrecht Irion has a degree in technical cybernetics from the University of Stuttgart and University of Wisconsin in Madison,WI. His first position was at Robert Bosch GmbH in the pre-development for car applications, with a focus on knowledge-based systems and fuzzy control. He graduated Dr.-Ing. on a control systems topic in the area of anti-log braking systems. He has also had several assignments in function- and system development of active safety systems (ABS,ASR,ESP) and driver assistance systems (radar, video,  ultrasonic). He is responsible for the system-/SW-development of parking & maneuvering assistance, with a focus on ultrasonic sensors, but also for combined systems e.g. with near range camera.