KONI develops a new range of hydro pneumatic suspension systems

KONI is expanding its scope to incorporate pneumatic springs in self-contained units, as alternatives to coil springs, airbags and shock absorption systems used in defense applications.
KONI is leveraging their extensive experience in engineered damper technology to provide high performance, cost effective hydro pneumatic applications for commercial and military markets. Focused on wheeled and tracked vehicles across all the possible load ranges, the new applications will challenge the toughest of circumstances.koni
Research started in 2015 and a number of design solutions are being validated at this moment with extensive testing on a high capacity test dyno. KONI’s in-house testing capabilities are state of the art and cover suspension characterization, duty cycle, hot/cold and vibration testing.

With these new product developments in scope, KONI reinforced its specialized team recently by bringing in quite some experience in this field – Mr. Paul Briggs – who has many years of experience in military vehicle suspension technology and business development. Mr. Paul Briggs will be working closely with Mr. Chris de Bruin on supporting both the commercial and technical activities within KONI for these new applications.

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